How Poker Dealers Can Cheat You During the Cut and Shuffle

A master poker dealer has a wealth of tricks at his disposal for manipulating that quartet of 13 spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs to his own advantage, and most of the time you will walk away from the table without even realizing you have been cheated. One popular technique is known in the parlance of poker cheating as “false cutting.” One thing to keep an eye on if you suspect some false cutting is going on in your friendly poker game is whether the dealer has a buddy working with him. You see, in order for false cutting to work at its best, the dealer cannot act alone; he must have an accomplice or compadre beside him. What actually takes place in the process of false cutting is that the deck must be dealt in the order that the dealer wants as he works to keep an undesirable card on top of the deck. He will then pass the deck on to his partner in crime for the cut, thereby enabling him to retrieve the cards beneath the top card. Needless to say, that undesirable card will remain on top. The cards that the dealer wants to remain at the top of the deck stay in place.
Of course, there are times when a dealer simply cannot attain a partner and must work the false cut himself. In these cases, the false cutting dealer reverts to Plan B, which requires that he ascertain the hole card of his opponent during a five card poker game. The way the false cut dealer does this is by noting a particular card which he manipulates into the top position on the deck for the false cut. The card he has chosen for this will be situated at the top uncut part of the deck that the dealer places over the other half during the cut. Anyone watching would take the cut as honest because the dealer put the bottom part of the deck on top, but once he begins the toss he is in control of the deal.

Another popular trick that dealers with quick hands enjoy engages the art of the shuffle. In the hands of a top notch dealer, that deck can be shuffled with such manipulation that it winds back in exactly the same way he received it. Still think you’re good a shuffling cards? Obviously, most dealers aren’t nearly that good, but most still can make you say wow. Those dealers who haven’t yet mastered the shuffle to the point of total manipulation usually rely more on the art of distraction. More than a few poker hands will be won or lost today based on who was paying the closest attention and if you get distracted during the shuffle you may sometimes not even bother with playing your hand because the dealers knows exactly what you are holding. A dealer knows he only has to distract you long enough so that you don’t even realize he has just left the corners of the pack unmeshed during the riffles. That dealer is also aware that of the need to distract you again while situs idn poker terpopuler he eases one half over the other as he squares the cards. A dealer who is really artful at the riffle can do it so quickly that you’ll have no idea what he just did. If you detect it, call him on it because what he is doing is not legal shuffling.

You may actually be able to catch a dealer doing the riffle because the really good ones don’t even bother with that form of cheating. The true masters of the false shuffle don’t care about distracting you because their tricks can be performed right in front of your eyes and you’ll be none the wiser. If you ever get the chance to see a whistle blowing dealer strut his stuff, grab it and watch as the dealer, without attempting to get you to avert your eyes, cuts the deck and slides one half of the cards right through the other half. Then prepared to be amazed as it looks for all the world as though he is cutting the deck in perfectly normal way while in actuality he strips one half from the other and, voila, hands the deck back to you with the cards in perfect order.

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